(l-r Jeremy Gladden, Kyle Sowash, Josh Wampler)

Hey Kids! Do you like to rock? Do you like to roll? You do! So do TOM FOOLERY AND THE MISTAKES, three young rockers from Columbus, OH, who have vowed to conquer America...one heart at a time.
Tom Foolery and the Mistakes formed in 1996, in a wood-paneled rec room in Dayton, OH (the birthplace of aviation, cash registers, and this fandagled rock sensation!) For the past seven years, the Mistakes have been bringing their patented brand of addictive pop across America's prairies, deserts, and urban settings. Girls swoooned. Boys bopped. Soon, the eintre nation was jonesin' for TOM FOOLERY AND THE MISTAKES
Not surprosingly, they delight grandmothers and tattooed teenagers everwhere! How could they not? The lead singer's a dental hygienist! Singer and guitarist Kyle SOwash cleans teeth by day, then rocks you out of your socks at night....AND he has company! Josh Wampler, the nimble fingered bassist, powers a belly-rumbling bass section while drummer Jeremy Gladden's dexterous drumming makes even the saddest wallflowers bloom.
Last year's rocktastic "Exes and OH!'s" EP send t adoring fans into ecstacy. "I love Tom Foolery and the Mistakes better than my cat Bojangles!", screamed oneecstatic fan. "I'm going to marry Tom Foolery.....all three of them!!!"......which brings us to "Take One For The Team". THe sonic gem trembling between your anxious fingers is a sonic miracle. Jaded hipsters will chomp at its delicious chords. Mariied couples will fall in love again. And YOU----how will YOU react???? There's only one way to find out.
-josh Bernstein
Josh Bernstein is the editor-in-chief of RATED ROOKIE---one of the hippest publications in New York City.


It hasn't always just been Josh, Jeremy, and Kyle, ya know...Since its first incarnation in 1996, Tom Foolery and the Mistakes has utilized a very long list of musicians to play its songs. Curious? go here. to read about past members.

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