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January 9th, 2011

Greetings from Columbus.  Sorry this page has been so sparsely updated.  It actually was so sparsely updated that I forgot to renew the domain name, so….no more  Someone in Japan has now registered that domain.    I can only imagine what it will become.

Anyways, behold the new internet home of the Kyle Sowashes…..

It has a nice ring to it…adjust your bookmarks.

So, what have we been doing?  Well, we went on tour back in August.  That was pretty fun.  We wrote about it here.

After we got back, our guitarist (Justin Hemminger) announced he would bid the Sowashes adieu after four years.  As you may know, he has a great band of his own called SPD GVNR who are becoming quite busy themselves.  We will miss having him in the basement with us, but the truth is, we still drink beer and eat sausages and go to rock shows with him quite often.

We’ve really lucked out with his replacement.   We are please to announce that our friend Matt Majesky will be playing the guitar for us now.   Matt’s been in some great bands over the years, (namely STATE OF OHIO and BURGERBOYS) and we’re happy to have him on board.

We’ve been writing a new record.  It is about 36% written.  Stay tuned.

We’ll be playing our first show with Matt on Sat. Jan. 29th in Columbus, OH at the Treehouse.  That’s all we have on the books right now.  Check the shows page for future performances.

Seeya soon.

- posted by kyle @ 9:26 pm