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April 22nd, 2012

The Kyle Sowashes have some exciting news.   Our fourth LP, SOMEBODY will be available locally on May 1st, and nationally later in June through Anyway Records and Midheaven/Revolver.    We're playing some shows to commemorate this occasion.   The official release parties are in Cleveland on May 4th, and in Columbus on May 5th.   Both shows are with our friends THE SAFETIES (Mikey from Machine Go Boom's new band) and HARLEM AIRSHAFT (our bassist Lonn Schubert's old band).   Whee!   So, until late June, you'll only be able to get the record at our shows, but we'll let you know when you can order it online/find it in record stores.  In the meantime, here's our new video for the first "hit" off the record "Pain Don't Hurt".  This was shot and directed by our good buddy Mike Postalakis in January 2012.  Enjoy! 

- posted by kyle @ 10:36 pm

July 18th, 2011

Hey there.   So, normally, summertime is when we play a bunch of shows and stuff, but this summer, it's been hot, and some of the people in THE KYLE SOWASHES are in grad school and having babies and stuff.  So, we've kind of been laying a little low.   BUT….we have been working on new material that will become our fourth LP.   We are set to head down to the basement of Columbus Discount Recording Studios in our hometown of Columbus, OH in about 3 weeks.  I think all those pastrami sandwiches that Bandman made me eat through the years have finally paid off, as this will be our meatiest record yet.  It probably won't be out til the Spring….but In the meantime, we do have a couple shows in Columbus, Pittsburgh, and Buffalo in the next month or so.   We'll probably play a show or two in the fall as well.  Regardless, we'll see you soon.  

- posted by kyle @ 7:47 pm

June 7th, 2011

The new Kyle Sowashes 7" is now available at the finer record stores of Columbus, OH, our shows, and if you're not able to make it out to either of the previously mentioned options….THIS WEBSITE.   Click on the "Store" page and make it happen, cap'n!    Working on a new full-length right now.   Could use album title suggestions….

- posted by kyle @ 10:35 pm

February 6th, 2011

We're recording a new 7" at the end of the month.

We've added some shows to the shows page.   There will be more shows announced once it starts getting warmer…

In the meantime,please enjoy the new video for "(It's Not) Easy To Be Hard" by The Kyle Sowashes (from the 2010 Anyway Records release "NOBODY"). Dir. Mike Postalakis, Edited by Miles Painter.

This is a song about something really horrible that once happened to the lead singer of Three Dog Night (or more importantly, his reproductive organs), as chronicled in his autobiography THREE DOG NIGHTMARE (Renaissance Books, 1999). Enjoy!
(Thanks Mike!)

The Kyle Sowashes \"(It\'s Not) Easy To Be Hard\", Anyway Records, 2010

- posted by kyle @ 5:13 pm

January 9th, 2011

Greetings from Columbus.  Sorry this page has been so sparsely updated.  It actually was so sparsely updated that I forgot to renew the domain name, so….no more  Someone in Japan has now registered that domain.    I can only imagine what it will become.

Anyways, behold the new internet home of the Kyle Sowashes…..

It has a nice ring to it…adjust your bookmarks.

So, what have we been doing?  Well, we went on tour back in August.  That was pretty fun.  We wrote about it here.

After we got back, our guitarist (Justin Hemminger) announced he would bid the Sowashes adieu after four years.  As you may know, he has a great band of his own called SPD GVNR who are becoming quite busy themselves.  We will miss having him in the basement with us, but the truth is, we still drink beer and eat sausages and go to rock shows with him quite often.

We’ve really lucked out with his replacement.   We are please to announce that our friend Matt Majesky will be playing the guitar for us now.   Matt’s been in some great bands over the years, (namely STATE OF OHIO and BURGERBOYS) and we’re happy to have him on board.

We’ve been writing a new record.  It is about 36% written.  Stay tuned.

We’ll be playing our first show with Matt on Sat. Jan. 29th in Columbus, OH at the Treehouse.  That’s all we have on the books right now.  Check the shows page for future performances.

Seeya soon.

- posted by kyle @ 9:26 pm

June 24th, 2010

The Kyle Sowashes are back!  Well, we never really went anywhere, but….Anyway Records will release our 4th album, NOBODY on July 6th!  It will be available in the LP/CD/MP3 formats that are so popular with you kids these days.  Check the tourdates section to find out when we're coming to your neck of the woods…KS

- posted by kyle @ 12:21 pm

October 23rd, 2008

The tourdates for the 2nd leg of the YEAH BUDDY! tour are up on the shows page. After that, we’ve got a show in Cleveland and a show in DC in December, and then it’s hibernation time. By that, we mean no live performances for a little while while we hunker down in our Columbus, OH basement to write the follow up to YEAH BUDDY. We should call the next one “NO, BUDDY”. So, yes, come see us on the tour, please.

- posted by kyle @ 10:16 am

March 28th, 2008

Hey there.

So, The Kyle Sowashes now have a music video for a song off our first record called IN THE MAIL. It’s up on Youtube. Go here to watch.

Let us know what you think!!!

Also, we’ve got a new album that comes out this Tuesday. It’s called YEAH BUDDY, and we’re pretty happy with it. We hope you are happy with us. Tonight, we’re having a local release party in Columbus, OH tonight at Andyman’s Treehouse.

If you can’t make it to the show tonight, on Tues. April 1st, it will be available at the following places:

Used Kids Records
Lost Weekend Records
Magnolia Thunderpussy

If you would like to support your local record store even though they probably won’t have YEAH BUDDY in stock, PLEASE tell them to order it through SOUTHERN DISTRIBUTION.

….or if you’ve given up on physical cds, it will be available for digital downloads/ringtones (yes, ringtones.) at the following…….

Audio Lunchbox
Bell Mobility Full Track
Groove Mobile
iTunes Music Store Radio
Mix and Burn
mTraks Download
Navio Download (gBox)
Pure Tracks
Rogers Wireless
Ruckus Network
SecuryCast Download

And, as always, you can buy them directly from us at our live shows!

Hope to see you at a rock show soon!


- posted by kyle @ 2:04 pm

March 13th, 2008


3.11.08….. I forgot to tell you all that in addition to that local release party on March 28th, we have some tourdates coming up real soon, too.

- posted by kyle @ 6:17 pm

March 10th, 2008


3.10.08…..Hey there. First of all, big thanks to our friend Joseph Faust for the fancy website re-design. Second of all, our new record will soon be available for mass consumption. It’s called “YEAH BUDDY”, and it comes out on the We Want Action label on Tues. April 1st. We’re super excited to be working with the guys at We Want Action, as they’ve been quite helpful. We’ll be having a local release party for our friends in Columbus, OH on Fri. Mar 28 at Andyman’s w/ our buddies MIRANDASOUND + HEAVY MOLE. Come Apr. 1st, you’ll be able to get the album through us in this website’s STORE section (we’re currently taking pre-orders), the We Want Action site will have it as well…….OR if digital downloading is your thing, Itunes and Emusic should have it available Apr. 1st. If we can think of any more places to buy it (I’m sure there are more places…we just don’t know yet), we’ll be sure to make an announcement about it. There are some MP3’s from the new record on this site as well as our Myspace site. Enjoy!

- posted by kyle @ 8:17 pm